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We were fascinated by the British Shorthair cat breed the first time we saw them at a cat show. We loved their look and personalities so much, we had to include them in our lives!

Lilac British Shorthair Boy Cat

We aquired two lilac British Shorthairs, DGC Rejinald Lila C of Purrceptive & DGC Rejinald Amaretto of Purrceptive. Lila became a TICA Grand Champion at 11 months of age, in only two shows! She was also awarded the Best British Shorhair Cat of the Mid Pacific(N.CA, NV, OR, UT) region for the 2001-2002 show season! Amaretto has now garnered that same award for the 2002-2003 show season and they are both Double Grand champions! We also have two gorgeous British Shorthair cat sisters from TGFC Cattery: TGFC LayDJane of Purrceptive, a blue cream girl with fabulous dark, DARK, copper eyes, and CH TGFC Emanem of Purrceptive, a beautiful blue calico girl with an innocent expression. In our copper eyed program we have lilac (light pinkish taupe), blue (bluish gray) and solid white.

We also have a silver line that we integrate with the other colors to improve the quality of silvers. Our Purrceptive BigBit is the exemplification of our many years of work on this line. Our silver Brits are doing very well and carrying on with PlaidPlus, Elgees, and Inkblotz Catteries. We aquired Champion Elgees Sterling Anne Lace, a gorgeous girl who was TICA's best shaded silver British Shorthair for the 06-07 show season.

We occasionally have colorpoint kittens. Ogilvy, a lilac point boy, has done very well for Imagination Cattery in Argentina.

We are breeding for silvers and colorpoints in our green & blue eyed program. Shaded silvers have white fur with the tip of each hair being black, giving a sparkling silver effect. Silver tabbies have a white base color with black spots or stripes. Both have eyes and nose that are outlined with black, and deep green eye color. Colorpoints have off white body color, with the darker colors restricted to their face, ears, legs and tail. We breed blue eyed cats to green eyed cats to get dark blue eye color on the blue eyed kittens.Read more about color inheritance.

Our attention is paid to British Shorthair cats with friendly and calm personality, short thick crisp fur, round far apart eyes & round head & body, straight tail, straight legs, straight nose in profile with short nose length, and great health!

All of our breeding cats are tested negative for Polycystic Kidney Disease at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital or by DNA. Our male breeding cats are tested for HCM every few years by echocardiogram by Dr. Lori Siemens. Any cats testing positive are spayed or neutered. Any queens who produce any kitten with heart problems is also tested for HCM or spayed.


British kittens for sale

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