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Watch our kitty videos!

Video of one of our British blue-cream Shorthair kittens running an agility course with her new owner and trainer, Ashleigh, at the Reno cat show:

3 week old British Shorthair kittens:

Scottish Fold kitten and British Shorthair cat playing with toy very nicely:

8 week old Scottish Fold kittens:

3 1/2 week old Scottish Fold kittens:

2 week old Scottish Fold kittens:

1 week old Scottish Fold kittens:

Newborn Scottish Fold kittens:

"Bottle" feeding a newborn kitten:

Gus being really cute:

12 week old kittens, Ella & Gus:



7 week old blue boy:

12 week old kittens sleeping:

and playing:

6 week old kittens playing king of the bed:

4 week old kittens walking around very well now:

The same kittens when they were 3 weeks old:

British Shorthair kittens when they were 2 weeks old just starting to wobble around:

One week old silver British Shorthair kittens with their eyes just starting to open:

One week old kittens:

Newborn British Shorthair kitten just seconds old:



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kittens cats colors
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