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Here are some of our cute kitties in their happy new homes!


Hope all is well. The twins are so cute!!! Wills is Whiskey reincarnated in personality. It is amazing. Thought you would love this image for your site.

Wills and Cate who joined Beauty Ivy Wisteria and Zeus in San Diego are a Royal riot;). They also love each other as they should!!
Thanks again

~Concetta & famil

Conchetta's kitty
cute kitties
british blue longhair
Harry Cooper Lewis is loved by Ron and Meagan in San Fransisco!  
Just wanted to let you know that Bruce is doing great - growing up so healthy and happy! I am taking him in this Monday for his neutering appointment. Here is a picture I took yesterday of him relaxing in one of his favorite spots in the house. He's so beautiful!
 Hope you are well!
lilac British boy  
holding their christmas kitty  
blue and black kittens
Stewie & Token in their new home with Kat FIke.  
Ivy went to live with Beauty, Whiskey, Tigger and Lavender from below: " Ivy is so lovely! What a sweet temperament! She fits right in - she is happy here - Beauty and Whiskey are keeping there distance right now but I am sure they will cozy up soon! Thank you - she has been well nurtured and loved and it shows - we are so thrilled with her. We picked her up right away last night and she slept on our bed ;) Right at home. Have a great Sunday."
~Concetta & family
blue-cream British Kitten  
British Blue Shorthair Kitten and Scottish Fold3 British Kitties


blue cream British Kitten

Chantilly went to Mainefolds Cattery and is loved by her own girl Ashleigh! "Chantilly is doing great like I said she will even play fetch for about 20 minutes or so with her play mice. She is right here with me helping me work on the computer. Her eyes are starting to darken and the cream is coming out more. She is a very happy playful kitten and has taken well with our others." ~Keith Croce
Cookie went to PegKen's Cattery and has her own girl too named Gabrielle! "I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying Cookie. She is fitting into the clan quite nicely, playing and relaxed. She responds when I talk to her by doing the cute tail wag and purring immediately. Her color is getting deeper and her eyes are already a gorgeous copper color that I expect to get deeper." ~ Peggy Roberts
blue cream british Shorthair kitten  
  lilac colorpoint British Shorthair kitten Ogilvy went to Imagination Cattery in Argentina. "Ogilvy has arrived at Buenos Aires in perfect condition, he is everything what I hoped,
He is already taking knowledge from the house and he's future friendly.
Kisses and hugs,

"Here is a latest pic of my blue-cream girl. I took this last night when she lied on my bed. She is very friendly and sweet. And she is sleeping with me every night now. I took her to the pet hospital for the vaccination two weeks ago. Everything is fine. She is growing up fast now, and becomes more beautiful and cute.Thank you!" Best Regards,

blue cream fluffy fur kitty  
  blue longhair "Wallace is doing great! Slept in my lap all the way home. He ate and the other animals are sniffing & hissing & barking and he's giving it right back. So far so good. And of course I'm in love!" ~Lisa
Updade: "My other cat is loving him! And I am shocked that it happened so soon. I love him to pieces.
" ~Lisa
  lilac British Shorthair Kitten "I want to thank you so much for Twiglet. She is such a wonderful little kitty. And she just fits in so well with our family. She is very outgoing and doesn't run away from anyone. She just loves to get attention.
But most of all Twiggy and our daughter Violet have become fast friends. Twiggy is very patient with Violet and lets her give her kisses and hugs. Violet has to tell the cat "bye bye" before we leave and give her kisses before she goes to bed everynight. It is very cute.
I have attached a couple of pictures for you. Thanks again for such a wonderful little kitty." ~Kelli, Terry and Violet

Arod went to PlaidPlus Cattery "Arod is doing wonderfully. Love him to death. NO wonder it was so hard to part with him. Rest assured he is in a very loving place and will have a great life. ~Sharon

"He is my purring Teddy Bear.  Not only is he gorgeous but he is the sweetest cat ever.  Every night, he is glued to my thigh and all I have to say is "kisses" and he head bumps me.  Nights are very special since A-Rod came into our home.  I'll have to send you an updated picture.  He's grown into quite the gorgeous Brit!". ~Linda

British Shorthair silver tabby
British Shorthair silver tabby
silver fluffy kitten
Annabella sure likes to play, she has a lot of energy! She has successfully gone in the liter box. She is drinking and eating just fine. She is very cute! We have named her "Annabella Marie" and call her Bella for short. She is such a beautiful girl, fur is really coming in on her tail, and she walks with a swagger of royalty as if she knows her mother is a Double Grand Champion. She has the cutest little me-ow, very polite, we spoil her! Ben and Bella sleep, eat, nap, play, and sleep together all the time. We love them very much!  
"Here is a great picture of Sammy. I think that I need to cut back on his food. He is almost a year, not very tall and he weighs almost 12 pounds. He is gorgeous and the best cat I have ever met. Thanks again for letting me have Sammy. He has made this year with my Mom's passing so much better. He is so........affectionate to both Gidget (my dog) and I." ~Susan Brumer
red British Shorthair  
  silver longhair and golden Scottish Fold

I thought I'd send a couple of pictures for you to see how your baby and Fanny's little sister are doing. We enjoy both of them very much. As you can tell, they have the run of the house.

My little girl Carolyn isn't little anymore. She's a senior and has finished her college applications! We're waiting to see which one is going to lure her away from us. I hope Mercury won't be too sad.

~Johanna Van Doren-Jackson

"I got Tippy from you at the end of year 2004. Now she is 4-years-old.
She is so gorgeous! She is very gentle and smart. Everyone loves her!
I think you may be interested in some of her recent photos." ~ Keyi Jiang
Shaded silver British Shorthair  
  British Blue Cat "Ballou (AKA Big Blue Boy) was neutered today and I am attaching the certificate. He is very well and very active. He is so vocal! We are loving our kitten and everyone at the Vet's office loves him too, saying it's so rare to see a British Shorthair and that he looks like a "real cat."
By the way, we still feed him some raw chicken every day, along with Evo wet in cans (no grain) and Innova dry with no grain. There you have an update in a nutshell." ~

british blue kittensBritish blue Kitten on back"Everything is great. The vet loved the cats. I just want to say thanks for letting me access the "Donna Mac Cat Care Hotline", you have made this very easy on me. The girls have a new hobby (pics attached). You got ripped off. You could not buy these cats from me, priceless. The cats are without a doubt the best. Having two makes me realize how different their personalities are, I think Ella is "MENTAL" She thinks she is a ninja." ~John Uldall

Blossom in her new home with Delaina Jones. She's going to be a show kitty as well as a beloved pet!
silver calico British Shorthair Kitten shaded chocolate British Shorthair Kitten Sundae (as in hot fudge) also went home with Delaina Jones!
British Blue Shorthair Kitten
Houdini in his new home with Thomas Fletcher.  
Toado in her coolest spot in the house in Chico
british blue in fridgebig Blue British Shorthair CatIt’s been awhile since I sent you a picture of Toado and an update on her. Here she is relaxing on her massage chair. She’s doing really well and keeping poppa on his toes. I was on your website today and saw the picture of her in the fridge. She doesn’t do that anymore, she’s too big to fit in there now but she makes me keep the house cool for her. Hope you had a nice holiday. ~Regards, Toado & Les….
Toado now on her massage chair!
brown tabby and white british shorthair cat Scotty (aka Bob's Big Boy) in San Clemente, CA with Julie & Bob Holmes
Ame is at her new home with Trica at Catsthyme
lilac british shorthair cat white British Shorthair Cat
Flurry McFurry
Callie went to New York!
calico british shorthair kitten  
Bling, with his new brother Toodles using him for a pillow, at his new home with Sheryl Sturges
scottish fold cat and persian friend

You never told me that you could hear her from about a mile away when she's lonely.

This is simply the most adorable cat we've had - she is a part of the family.

Other than the fact that she can't stand to not have us in the vicinity, she's awesome. She's playful and cuddly.

She has the loudest vocal cords of any kitten I have ever heard.

But, she's great...!


Well, I hate to to tell you this but.......... She's NOT a cat - she's
a little itty bitty person.

She's never more than a few feet from us all day (and we love that...!)
She sleeps between our pillows at night. has the habit of coming over
and making sure she licks our noses before she goes to sleep. Wakes up
in the morning testing the limits of how far she can jump from one end
of the bed to the other. So, we have a new baby in the family.

When I'm working in my office, she's lying down in front of me on the
desk. She loves watching the monitor when I'm moving the mouse around. She
paws at the screen trying to catch the arrow. All of which is simply

We are happy with
this little member of the family ---- she's simply unreal. I have
never had any animal become so adaptable so quickly.

~Tunny Pattison


Alexander and Armstrong are in Menlo Park. Here they are at xmas this year – Alexander is very shy, but, very funny and charming and Armstrong is a real athlete cat and very very sweet and gentle. ~The Puckets

lilac British Cat


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Here are different colors of our kittens that we have bred:


blue-cream British Kitten

cream kitten
shaded silver British kitten

shaded golden Scottish Fold  
dilute calico british kitten
colorpoint British Longhair kitten
black british kitten

brown tabby

brown tabby Scottish Fold

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AvailableScottish Fold with 3 kittenskittens!

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British kittens for sale

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