British kittens for sale

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Here are some of our cute kitties in their happy new homes!


Hope all is well. The twins are so cute!!! Wills is Whiskey reincarnated in personality. It is amazing. Thought you would love this image for your site.

Wills and Cate who joined Beauty Ivy Wisteria and Zeus in San Diego are a Royal riot;). They also love each other as they should!!
Thanks again

~Concetta & famil

Conchetta's kitty
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british blue longhair
Harry Cooper Lewis is loved by Ron and Meagan in San Fransisco!  
Just wanted to let you know that Bruce is doing great - growing up so healthy and happy! I am taking him in this Monday for his neutering appointment. Here is a picture I took yesterday of him relaxing in one of his favorite spots in the house. He's so beautiful!
 Hope you are well!
lilac British boy  
holding their christmas kitty